The Final Tweak

GUITAR NERD REPORT: I've made some final tweaks to my pedal board,

GUITAR NERD REPORT: I’ve made some final tweaks to my pedal board, and it is now fully armed.  I’ve switched out the Ibanez Tube Screamer for an MXR Sugar Drive, which is beautifully transparent and works much better with the TC compressor to open up the dirtier tones. I have read a lot about the comparisons to the KLON Centaur pedal, and considering the price difference, I’m more than happy with the MXR. I’ve also upgraded my Boss DD3 delay to the DD8, giving me a tap tempo function, and carry-over delay tails when I switch the pedal off. I’m going to try mounting the power supply under the board at some stage, but for now I’m ready to roll!
Note: The pedal at the right of the picture is the channel switcher for the Boogie, and the Fender pedal at left is for a Blues Junior IV that is not part of my live rig.

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