Blue On Black

Tuesday the 21st of March 2023 sees a new chapter opening for me as I take the stage with my new band, Blue On Black. The members of this band share some history and are all on my A list, so I’m really looking forward to rehearsing in a solid set of blues rock with some awesome players and people.
Taking a style that I’ve always dabbled in and exploring it in depth has yielded some inspirational results in the way I’m approaching things musically and personally, and I’m feeling confident in my choice to pursue the blues with Blue On Black.
The band’s live shows will be played mainly around the Perth area, but I’m sure there will be various photos and videos appearing on social media once we get started. My friends outside Perth can keep up to date via my Facebook page or the Blue On Black page.

Blue On Black are:
Donna Greene – Vocals
Graham Greene – Guitar/Vocals
Kay Jane – Guitar/Vocals
John Calabrese – Keys/Vocals
Jim Awram – Bass
Shane Brady – Drums

Blue On Black | A Perth Blues Band

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