Symphonica Part 1 Released

A self described labour of love and learning, the new album Symphonica Part 1 is now available on most major digital platforms, with the CD available exclusively from

A unique melding of the old and new – classical mastery, folk spirit and metal sensibilities creating a rich tapestry of sound with beauty, soul and power.

Among the tracks on Symphonica Part 1 are some of Graham’s interpretations of Classical and Baroque masters, tributes to some of his earliest musical influences. Strauss, Vivaldi and Paganini have all been given the Greene treatment with awesome genre-morphing arrangements. Foregoing the endless guitar histrionics, Greene sometimes blends his guitar in with the music, becoming part of an augmented orchestra. That being said, there is still plenty of flash, fire and humour from the Australian guitar shaman.

Drawing inspiration from Celtic, Eastern and European cultures and offering glimpses into both the mythical past and possible post-apocalyptic futures, this album visits more places than a BBC travel documentary.

Graham Greene has long proven his ability to paint pictures with music, to take the listener on a journey through his imagination. With Symphonica Part 1, he has produced a progressive symphonic metal magnum opus of epic proportions.

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