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Symphonica Part 1

Title : Symphonica Part 1
Release Date : February 26, 2021
Catalog ref. : GGCD12
Format : Digital Download
  1. Introduction: The Longing
  2. Beyond Here Be Dragons
  3. Unrepentant
  4. The Machine Never Sleeps
  5. For the High Crime of Reason
  6. Angels of Mantua
  7. A Tear for The Lost
  8. Buried Within
  9. Danube Blues
  10. Dream to Receive
  11. Symphonica Pt.1
  12. Trouble in Tangier
  13. Away With the Fae
  14. Passage to Midgård

A unique melding of the old and new – classical mastery, folk spirit and metal sensibilities creating a rich tapestry of sound with beauty, soul and power.
CD available online via Heavy Metal Merchant.

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