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Symphonica Part 2

Title : Symphonica Part 2
Release Date : November 15, 2021
Catalog ref. : GGCD13
Format : Digital Download
  1. Empire of Sand
  2. Reckless Intent
  3. Wolves of Winter
  4. Capricious
  5. Wormsign
  6. Master of Legerdemain
  7. Hegra
  8. Johann Takes a Vacation
  9. Run for the Border
  10. Symphonica Pt.2
  11. Dance of the Peri
  12. The Dream Enigma
  13. The Long Way Home

With the release of Symphonica Part 2, Graham Greene closes out the epic Symphonica saga that began in late 2019 with two years of solid writing, arranging and recording. The Symphonica project, comprised of the two albums, is Graham’s magnum opus.
CD available online via Heavy Metal Merchant.