Club Voodoo

1. Dinosaur Bones
2. Damascus
3. Old Strings
4. Vinnie's Pink Guitar
5. The Garden of Good and Evil
6. Soul Surfing
7. Club Voodoo
8. RFC97
9. Intimate Strangers
10. Eternity
11. Walk Your Talk
12. Strange Illusion
13. Amazing Tales
14. Walk On Water
15. The Happy Sinner
16. Sliders
17. Home

Club Voodoo was released in June, 2002. The first full - length CD from Greene, fulfilling the promise of the preceding EPs. For the first time on a Graham Greene solo recording, vocal tracks were included with the instrumentals.
The tracks range from the evocative balladry of RFC97 to the acoustic syncopation of the title track and the progressive guitar fireworks of The Garden of Good and Evil.
The voice of Donna Greene features on three of the seventeen tracks, with eerie 'voodoo vocals' on a fourth - the interdimensional flight of fancy, Sliders.

Graham Greene - Acoustic and electric 6&7 string guitars, bass, keyboards, rhythm programming, backing vocals

Donna Greene - Lead and backing vocals on 'Home', Walk On Water' and 'Eternity'; Voodoo vocals on 'Sliders'

Recorded and mixed: The Inspiration Room (Sydney and Perth)
Produced and engineered: Graham Greene
Tracks 5, 6 and 15 recorded in The Lair of The Dragon Lady
Tracks 6, 7, 8, 12 and 14 co-produced by Donna

Track 10 written by Donna, instrumentation by Graham
Tracks 8, 12 and 14 written by Donna and Graham
All other tracks written by Graham
Mastered by Johnny Calabrese at Solo Studio, Perth WA
All tracks © (APRA)

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*The Club Voodoo physical CD was discontinued in 2004 

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