• Rage Of The Innocents
  • The Guitar Vinci Code
  • Down Devils Road
  • Tale Goes On
  • Icarus
  • Resonance - Spirit Of Man
  • Leap Of Face
  • Gaia Rising - Tales of Electric Romance
  • Club Voodoo

Rage Of The InnocentsInstrumental melodic/symphonic rock/metal with a touch of folk metal for good measure! 
The Guitar Shaman from Oz releases his 2018 instrumental tour de force with Rage of the Innocents - guitar driven symphonic rock and metal with soaring melodies that conjure stories and imagery of places and creatures both imagined and real. Each track is a story unto itself while being part of the journey that is Rage of the Innocents. 
A bonus vocal track, the Resonance Project song "Kings & Queens" features the amazing voice of Donna Greene.


The Guitar Vinci CodeGraham Greene's current release, The Guitar Vinci Code is an EP of instrumental melodic symphonic rock and metal masterpieces with Celtic and Eastern overtones, blending Graham's rock roots with his love of classical music. CDs may be purchased via the Graham Greene shop, and downloads are available from CD BabyiTunes,
Amazon and Google Play.

Down Devils RoadWith Down Devils Road (2015), Graham Greene presents a guitar tour de force, expanding his musical boundaries and drawing on elements of rock, blues, jazz, funk and metal to create a unique melange of guitar excellence, Aussie style. Featuring Donna G. on the standout vocal track, Hand On The Handle, Down Devils Road is available as a CD via the Graham Greene Shop or as a download via iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon MP3 and Google Play.

Resonance Project - Tale Goes On

Tale Goes On is the new EP from Resonance Project, the collaboration of husband and wife team Graham and Donna Greene. Resonance Project's sound is a reflection of the influences that have shaped Graham and Donna's lives and careers - powerful music, meaningful lyrics and a message of hope and encouragement for all who care to listen.

Click the links to view the EP on iTunes US, iTunes AU or CD Baby.

Icarus - Jac Dalton

Icarus is the result of Graham's collaboration with the writing team of singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Jac Dalton and producer/vocalist/keyboardist Darren Mullan. Recorded between studios in Perth and Adelaide, Icarus was mixed by three-time Grammy Award winner John Hampton at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee and is currently available on iTunes.

One of Graham's Leap Of Face instrumentals has been rewritten into a song for the album, which features Donna G. on backing vocals.  Jac Dalton Website


Donna Greene - Resonance (Spirit Of Man)

Resonance (Spirit Of Man) (2007) is the first solo CD for Graham's wife Donna Greene, and features her stunning vocals on five tracks, all co-written by the husband/wife team, with Graham providing all instrumentation. The track list includes the three vocal tracks from 2002's Club Voodoo (Home, Walk On Water, Eternity), the vocal track from Leap Of Face (Fire In Your Liberty), and the newly-written title track, dedicated to the Stop Child Executions Campaign.

Resonance (Spirit Of Man) is available online through CD Baby and iTunes.


Visit the Leap Of Face Website

Leap Of Face is the 2006 release from the West Australian master guitarist, and marks a return to the massive rock grooves and guitar fireworks he is best known for in The West - Thirteen selected tracks of essential Greene guitar, featuring the world recording debut of Graham's new signature series guitars  (see Equipment).

Soaring melodies meet rock hard grooves and technical artistry as the Guitar Shaman from Oz explores emotions from the tender to the savage, moods from the extreme to the ridiculous, all with his individual flair and humour.

Gaia Rising - Click for details

Gaia Rising - Tales of Electric Romance (2004) is ambient instrumental rock, a collection of old and new tracks featuring Graham at his most lyrical. The electric fire is still there in the melodies, intense yet restrained in a more acoustic setting.

Classic instrumental ballads from Blue Feathers and Club Voodoo (out of print) join three new compositions in a blend of spirit and emotion for a new time, a new audience, a new phase in the music and life of one of The West's finest musicians and instrumentalists.


Club Voodoo - click for details

Club Voodoo (2002) was Graham's first full-length album, and featured tracks written as far back as 1985. Among the CD's seventeen tracks are three vocal tracks  showcasing Donna Greene, which have since been re-released on Donna's solo CD Resonance (Spirit Of Man). Some of the instrumental tracks from this rock/prog tour de force have also been re-recorded for other recordings. One track - Intimate Strangers - has appeared on Gaia Rising and Blue Feathers (Graham's debut solo release) as well as Club Voodoo.

The physical CD of Club Voodoo has been discontinued, but the album is still available for download in its entirety from CD Baby and iTunes.



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