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Graham has played many guitars throughout his career - six and seven string, electric, acoustic and bass - but since 2005 his main instruments have been his signature series Ormsby GG6 and GG6FG six string and GG7 seven string electric guitars. Unveiled at a special Perth showcase gig in December 2005, the GG6 and GG7 were used to finish the recording of Graham's 2006 CD release Leap Of Face, and are now used for all of his concerts, appearances and clinics. The last addition to Graham's triumvirate of signature instruments, the GG6FG made its debut in July 2008, and is a variation on the GG6 design, offering different sounds and a different look while remaining essentially a classic GG. The guitars offer the outstanding performance, tone and looks that Graham demands from an instrument that bears his name.
In performance Graham also uses a Taylor 412CE acoustic, mounted on a stand so he can move between acoustic and electric guitars with ease.
For images and specifications on the custom Graham Greene Signature Series guitars handmade by Perry Ormsby, click on the tabs below.

Graham used the GG6, GG6FG and GG7 exclusively on his new EP, The Guitar Vinci Code.


Graham is an official Mesa/Boogie endorsee, having signed with the US amplifier giant in August 2006. His current amp of choice for stage and studio is the Mesa Dual Rectifier Road King Advanced Amplifier Array. This amplifier in its 212 combo configuration is the heart of Graham's rig, its amazing sounds, features, versatility and power making it the perfect piece of equipment for all applications. Mesa/Boogie ¾ back 212 speaker cabinets allow Graham to spread his sound around bigger stages, and even assign different cabinets to individual channels to achieve peak performance.
In addition to his stage rig, Graham uses the compact but potent Mesa/Boogie Recto Verb 25 head for recording and low-level rehearsing, also utilizing the Mesa/Boogie CabClone speaker simulator and recording interface.
When recording the electric guitar parts for his new EP, The Guitar Vinci Code, Graham used the Recto Verb 25 and CabClone exclusively.

Graham's Guitars:

Ormsby GG6 Signature Series
Ormsby GG6FG Signature Series
Ormsby GG7 Signature Series

Taylor 412CE
Ibanez AI307CE 7-string

Other Instruments

Bass Collection 4-string Bass
Korg X5 Synthesizer

Mesa/Boogie Road King 212 Combo
Mesa/Boogie Recto Verb 25 Head
Mesa/Boogie ¾back 212 Cabinet
Mesa/Boogie CabClone

Digitech IPS33B Harmonizer
Lexicon MPX 100 Dual Channel Processor
Dunlop CryBaby Vol/Wah
TC Electronics HyperGravity Compressor
MXR Phase 90
Boss CE5 Chorus Ensemble
Boss GE7 EQ (acoustic guitar)
Boss DD3 Digital Delay (acoustic guitar)
Ernie Ball VPJR Volume Pedal (acoustic guitar)


Graham's Live Rig (in his words)


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